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Fr. Conley Bertrand, a priest of the Diocese of Lafayette, began the Come, Lord Jesus! program over 50 years ago.

Here are his own words describing the program*:

“[This] program employs the means for spiritual transformation used by Jesus and the early church leaders. Chosen groups use this program, the Come, Lord Jesus! program, as an antidote to the harmful influences of the world and to be transformed into the image of Jesus.

Come, Lord Jesus! uses the most important scripture passages that the church deemed worthy to use for the Sunday readings of the liturgical year. With the help of our commentaries, participants read, study and pray over the upcoming Sunday readings. With the help of challenging discussion questions, groups meet weekly to ponder these passages and discuss them with one another. The spiritual enrichment participants receive from their deep insights into the word makes their attendance at Mass so much more meaningful.

The program goes beyond personal spiritual enrichment: It is oriented toward the apostolate, that is, preparing each person to be an evangelizer. Special scriptural passages on the urgency of proclaiming the Gospel are singled out for choral recitation during the meeting. The members share as to how they proclaimed the good news during the week. This method was used by Jesus. When the apostles returned from their mission, they reported to Him what they had said and done (Mk 6:30). After the resurrection, the apostles continued to meet and share with one another what God had done through them (Acts 14:27-28). I find that our lay members also need to be challenged and held accountable each week so as to encourage them to witness their faith as Jesus commanded us all to do (Acts 1:8). This program, equipped with the heart-to-heart prayer of Jesus, spiritual fellowship, and the transforming power of the word of God centered on the Sunday Eucharist, is a proven instrument for forming small faith communities in our Church. The program is easily coordinated by a pastor, associate, or zealous lay person. Each enthusiastic apostle can use it to begin and establish small faith communities in his or her area, like St. Paul did. When well formed, these established communities tend to grow strong and endure for years.” 

*(from the March 2016 Come, Lord Jesus! Newsletter)


For 2 years I had not attended Mass or really talked to God, so it was on a whim that I attended a meeting. To be honest, I didn’t expect to get much out of it. However, the Reading for that week was how no matter what God is always with us, and since then I’ve been attending Mass and praying daily. It really has opened my eyes to what can happen when you give yourself to God and let him guide you.

– Unknown

Come, Lord Jesus! has really been a great way to break up my busy week with something positive and fulfilling. Many of my close friends are members and it has become not only a way to experience our faith at a new level – it has become a close bonding tool for our friendships.

– Jacqueline H.

Join Us

We have Room for You!

We are blessed at St. Edmond to have thriving Come, Lord Jesus! groups already formed. There is room in them for additional people, and there is also room for new groups to form.

The Holy Spirit will be there to greet you with more blessings than you can imagine! No preregistration is necessary. Come one – come all for 90 minutes of spiritual food that will change your life!


Wednesday 1:30pm – St Edmond’s Classroom
Thursday 6:30pm – The Home of John Abraham

For additional details, please reach out to Charlene Bernard – our Come Lord Jesus! representative. She will be delighted to provide you with more information about the Saint Edmond Come, Lord Jesus! group.

(Charlene Bernard)